It all started because I needed something to do with my hands.

After my mother passed away, I found myself itching to put my hands and my brain to work on something challenging and new so that my heart could get on with the business of healing. 

Jewelry, I thought. Jewelry made with wires. A totally new to me medium that both inspired and intrigued me. Plus, my mom loved jewelry, so it seemed extra fitting.  

Turns out, making jewelry was more satisfying than I anticipated. Instead of temporary therapy, I found a new passion. 

One day, feeling a bit out of sorts, I reached for one of my favorite mood boosting essential oils and things just clicked. If making simple wire jewelry could be so rewarding, how much more so would it be if I made jewelry designed to diffuse essential oils? 

Women tell me that wearing jewelry makes them  feel empowered and put together. Essential oils are known to boost mood and reduce stress. Imagine what happens when you put both of those things together.